Amazing Grace Food Distribution

Once a quarter, Heart for Monroe coordinates with the Union County Community Shelter to pack and deliver 150 food bags for the elderly in our community. Bags are delivered to Cotton Street Apartments in Monroe, Wingate Manor located in Wingate, and to elderly in Waxhaw. Volunteers will meet at the Shelter to pack the food bags and then deliver them to the designated communities.

Next Event

Saturday, April 4th  at 3:00pm

Saturday, July 11th  at 3:00pm

Food Donations

If you are interested in signing up for a food item please see list below. We need 150 of each item.

Canned Soup
10.5 ounce can
Canned Chicken
5 ounce can
Canned Green Beans
14.5 ounce can
Canned Corn
15.25 ounce can
Bag of Rice
1 pound bag
Canned Fruit
14.75 ounce can
Peanut Butter
28 ounce jar
18 ounce jar
Instant Mashed Potatoes
13-15 ounce box
Grits/Oatmeal Packets
Box of 10-12 packets

Volunteer Sign Up