C2J - Committed 2 Jesus

C2J, or Committed 2 Jesus, is a club sponsored by Heart for Monroe. It is hosted at two UCPS schools: East Union Middle, Monroe Middle, Parkwood Middle, Porter Ridge Middle, Piedmont High, and Union Academy. Students in the C2J club meet weekly before school to participate in games, fellowship, and bible study. 



Bible Study

Volunteers are needed to help facilitate games, interact with students, and help serve meals. If volunteers feel called, they are welcome to share their testimonies with the students and pray for them. 

If you are interested in participating in any chapter of the C2J club, please click below.

The Closet/The Monroe Ministry Center

The Closet Ministry, located in downtown Monroe, is a multi-purpose ministry center. First and foremost, The Closet is where our neighbors can come to find gently used clothing, food, toiletries, and miscellaneous supplies for free. In addition, it is a place of encouragement, prayer, and Bible studies.

What you can find here





The Closet is open weekly and serves families, individuals, and children throughout Union County and into South Carolina. Volunteers are needed in all areas to assist with shoppers, pray with people, and sort donated clothing. 

Please see the schedule below for service opportunities and shopping days. If interested in volunteering, please click below.

Blessed Beans Mobile Cafe

The Blessed Beans Mobile Cafe is a new addition to Heart for Monroe! This mobile coffee cafe allows us to bring delicious homemade coffee to local events in the community, churches, businesses, and schools. Blessed Beans is a donation-only operation that allows us to raise money for our ministry efforts.

Bring us to your




Volunteers are needed to help serve inside the cafe at events. Please see schedule published below and contact us at to serve.

The Dignity Project

Heart for Monroe’s “The Dignity Project” is a new initiative focused on tackling period poverty in Union County. Period poverty is a pervasive issue defined as women’s lack of access to period products, hygiene facilities such as bathrooms, and education about their menstrual cycle. Through The Dignity Project, Heart for Monroe will collect menstrual hygiene items to distribute to women and girls in need in Union County as well as create educational programs to educate people about the menstrual cycle to combat the stigma surrounding it. 

Donations can be dropped off at The Closet in downtown Monroe or at the Collaborative for the Common Good, located in Austin Auditorium on Wingate University’s campus. 

What we want to provide

Menstrual Hygiene Items

Educational Programs

Volunteers will be needed to put together hygiene kits as well as distribute them to those in need. Volunteers can also write encouraging notes to go in the hygiene kits! 

If interested in volunteering, please click below.

Hope House

Located on Icemorlee Street, the Hope House is a place of ministry owned by the Union Baptist Association. Several different ministry events are hosted at the Hope House, such as Light It Up, Bible studies, and C2J. The mission of the Hope House is to serve as a place of peace within the Icemorlee community and beyond. 

Volunteers are needed to assist with the schedule of events listed for 2023. If interested in volunteering, click below.

Hope House Events

Light it Up

Bible Studies

Place of Peace

Volunteers are needed to assist with the schedule of events listed for 2023. If interested in volunteering, click below.

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